A Showrunner in the Making.

On some level Ashley Reyes always knew that she was a storyteller.

So when it finally came time to go to film school, Ashley moved to California, enrolled at Chapman University, and quickly realized that showrunning and screenwriting were the two areas of filmmaking that…

Screenwriter Lewis Duong tells a different type of Burglar Story in “The Break In.”

While we’re all fans of slapstick comedy, and we all like to see a cartoonish burglar fall down a flight of stairs or take an ironing board to the face, we also know that there are…

Eddie Alderson

After unexpectedly starting an acting career at 5 years old, Emmy-nominated and Gold Derby-winning actor Eddie Alderson immediately clicked with his work, starring on One Life to Live for the next nine years while also appearing in Law & Order and films such as Clint Eastwood’s Changeling and Reservation Road

Emmy-nominated Emily O’Brien and Jason London in “Get Married or Die.”

As an award-winning screenwriter, development executive, producer, author, and instructor, Robert Tobin has seen numerous sides of the film industry. He started by reading scripts for production companies and before long, he wrote films such as Dam999 and Get Married or Die (starring legendary character actor Monte Markham Dazed and…

Hollywood Casting and Film

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